The educational actions

The close collaboration between the educational service of Region of art and history of the Pyrenees Béarnaises and National Education has materialized in 2015 by the establishment of a Local Contract for Arts Education and Cultural (CLEAC) throughout the Community of Communes of Piedmont Oloronais.

This is a new tool for raising awareness of young schoolchildren to existing cultural and artistic practices in the territory.

Educational activities may take place on one or more sessions throughout the school year. Pace and timing are determined with the supervisors. The educational service operates throughout the territory of the Béarn Pyrenees.

Some activities are offered in the Villa of the Country of art and history, while others may take place in the villages, in class or in the leisure centers.

We invite you to contact the coordinator to better organize your educational project and decide together what kind of plan to put in place.

The discovery course (1h to ½ day)

It attempts to make the young people aware of their specific environment, to confront them with a work of art, a construction, etc… and to acquire elementary knowledge of a theme in a fun way. This course also enables the child to take their discovery into their own hands by relying on educational media supplements.

The educational workshop (1 to 2 hours)

The workshop allows the children, thanks to games, discovery, experimentation, handling and creation, to understand certain specific notions. It can be used at the start of a discovery course to function as a first approach of a theme, or the opposite, and happen at the end to make use of their new knowledge.

Summer for 6-12 year olds

The summer for 6-12 year olds is a national event that calls out to the honour of the young generation by inviting them to take part in activities relating to heritage during July and August. These workshops associate discovery and educational activities. The educational service is associated with recreation centers around the area who wish to integrate awareness to heritage into their education project. This measure enables a convention between the region of art and history and the recreation structures to be put in place.