The « towns and regions of art and history « label

Labeled « Region of art and history » in 2011, the Pyrénées Béarnaises region is located to the east of the Pyrénées-Atlantique department, in Aquitaine. The attribution of the extension of the label, “Town of art and history” for Oloron Saint Marie is the culmination of the work done since 2009 by elected members and technicians of culture and tourism of the Aspe, Barétous, Josbaig and Ossau valleys and Oloron’s foothills.

This label was the subject of a signature of official convention, in January 2013, when Aurélie Filipetti, minister of culture and communication, visited Oloron Saint Marie.

It’s the first step in a long project to associate local development and appreciation of all the aspects of Haut Béarn’s heritage, be it to do with the scenery, the civil rural, urban or religious buildings, the small-scale heritage, the construction linked with transport and transfrontier-related activities, the industrial history and local know-how.

 The community of communes leading the project have agreed to:

  •  Develop the heritage and promote the architectural quality under multiple facets :
    • The heritage and culture,
    • The living environment,
    • The economic and touristic development,
    • Through cooperation and partnerships
  • Inform the people and professionals about their environment and their landscape
  • Introduce the younger public to architecture and heritage ;
  • Welcome visitors and tourists ;
  • Propose an offer of discovery of the heritage to specific publics (handicapped people, senior citizens, young people with disabilities …)
  • Create a center of Architecture and Heritage Interpretation (CAHI) at the espace Bedat, a veritable source of information and gateway towards existing sites throughout the region and within the framework of a transfrontier endeavor.