The Ministry of Culture sets several public which the Region of art and history of Pyrenees Béarnaises must propose awareness actions.

-          Sensitize inhabitants to their living environment:

The cultural project of the Pyrenees Béarnaises directly involves the people that contribute to the valorization of the architectural, landscape and immaterial heritage.

Awareness of the inhabitants to their living environment throughout the territory is particularly by organizing discovery tour in the 67 municipalities to discover the village, its architecture, its history, and its anecdotes.

-          Introduce young audiences to the architecture, heritage and urbanism:


The young audience is the priority of the label. Workshops organized by the educational service, hosting students from kindergarten to graduation, time and outside school hours (holidays, summer 6-12 years ...).

The educational activities are part of the framework of cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and the National Education as part of a Contract of Local Art Education.


-          Welcoming visitors

The work conducted in partnership with tourist organizations (Tourist Offices, Departmental Tourism Committee ...) allows visitors to offer appropriate awareness actions.

These exchanges allow to give maximum information about the Country of art and history to tourism professionals.

The actions are carried out in complementarity to encourage visitors to explore the area or expand their knowledge.


-          Submit an offer to disabled visitors


Welcoming disabled public is another part of the public policy established. So, several tourist-cultural structures are labeled Tourism and Handicap to provide an offer of discovery  structured of the structured territory.