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As part of its promotional activities, the Country of Art and History produces publications in accordance with the graphic charter of the Ministry of Culture.
It also encourages and accompanies associations and partners of the Network for the Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage to produce publications that are thus labeled and adopt the charter of the Ministry of Culture.
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Les carnets d'étude

Constitués des ressources documentaires écrites, d'extraits de délibérations municipales et des éléments issus de la collecte de mémoire, les carnets d'étude thématiques concernent les villes et villages étudiés et au sein desquels des acrions de sensibilisation sont proposés par les médiateurs du patrimoine.





Pondeilh à Oloron

Architecture du 20e siècle

Forges d'Abel à Urdos

Cité Bedat à Goès

Logements SHEM à Laruns

Lotissement Estanguet à Oloron

Cité Castors à Arudy

Cité Castors - Pondeilh à Oloron

Cité Marlats à Oloron

Cité Laulhère à Oloron


Find all the exhibitions that can be made available to you in case of need.

Animations can also be offered in connection with some of them.

Do not hesitate to contact us thanks to the information on the descriptive sheets.

The digital library

The digital library valorizes the funds of the Heritage Resources Centre and partners of the Béarnaises Pyrenees. It makes it possible to offer educational materials, to encourage the research of initiates, to give access to sources that are not very communicable because fragile, to perfect and share knowledge, complete the offer of arts and cultural education for young audiences or even offer digital exhibitions!