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The research programme of the Land of art and history

One of the missions of the Land of art and history is to deepen knowledge of the territory by conducting thematic research.
A multi-annual thematic programme is developed and proposed with the scientific council and then validated by the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs.
This program is based on the 3 pillars of the heritage chain: study, development, mediation and requires between 3 and 5 years to be fully implemented.

Depending on the subject, the studies may be entrusted to persons and/or specialized structures, to workshops led by the Country of Art and History and one/more members of the scientific council, to the team, especially for memory collection or to students in research or professional master’s degree.
The work topics covered:


Landscapes and intangible cultural heritage

The research is valued in the framework of travelling exhibitions and presentation booklets available in the Public Reading network of the Béarnaises Pyrenees and online.



L'école de Jules Ferry à nos jours

Dans le cadre des échanges au sein du réseau des Villes et Pays d'art et d'histoire de Nouvelle Aquitaine, les Pyrénées béarnaises ont mené des recherches historiques, urbaines et architecturales autour de 6 écoles caractéristiques de différentes périodes historiques architecturales.

Des temps de collecte de mémoire auprès des habitants, des temps de rencontre conviviaux  ainsi que deux projets d'Education Artistique et Culturelle ont complété la démarche. 

Ces connaissances sont relayés par un focus générique et d'un carnet d'étude par école étudiée : 




Pondeilh à Oloron Sainte-Marie

Les derniers carnets concernant Aurdy et Lasseube seront bientôt en ligne.

Ongoing projects

Hydraulic vernacular heritage

The setting up of a workshop was done in 2018 with several associations and resource persons, allowing to carry out an inventory of knowledge and launch complementary research work on the whole of the Béarnaises Pyrenees. A study on thermal baths in the Pyrenees, carried out by the Nouvelle Aquitaine and Occitanie regions, has been integrated into this research phase thanks to the partnership with the Regional Heritage and Inventory Service.

Part of the data was used during the Heritage Days of Countries and Mills.

The valuation and mediation actions of the year 2021 are mainly dedicated to this theme.

Habitat of the 20th century

The identification work began in 2019 with the commissioning of a study of six clusters of housing related to industrial development and the launch of a participatory census of 20th century houses.

One of the challenges of this approach is to determine the qualitative potential and to define the possibility of carrying out an inventory of the houses built in the 20th century in the Pyrenees béarnaises in partnership with the Regional Heritage and Inventory Service in Nouvelle Aquitaine.

The programming of research, exploitation and mediation actions will be determined according to the partnership and its modalities. A document presenting the history and evolution of the habitat of the 20th century has already been published and is available in the networks of Public Reading of the Béarnaises Pyrenees.